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              A MESSAGE FROM
              OUR CHAIR

                                            On behalf of myself and our Board of
                                            Directors, it is my pleasure to welcome
                                            you all to the wonderful world of the JCC.
                                            We are a dynamic hub of community
                                            engagement led by a staff team that is
                                            inspired to help you lead the Jewish life
                                            you want to live. From education, arts
                                            and culture, fitness, aquatics, inclusion
                                            services, camp and so much more, there
                                            is something for everyone at the JCC.

              The magic of the J is its ability to connect. Whether it is connecting
              people to one another or connecting them to opportunities and
              experiences that enhance their lives, the JCC empowers people to
              become the best versions of themselves. At the J we strengthen quality
              of life for our members and cement the bonds that unite us. Together we
              are ensuring the continued prosperity of our community.

              We welcome you and thank you for joining us on our shared journey.

              Lorne Goldstein
              Chair, Schwartz/Reisman Centre & Prosserman JCC Board of Directors

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