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Six years later, the Schwartz/Reisman Centre (SRC)    member of our community, but rather provide
              has become a thriving hub of community in Vaughan,    opportunities for people to discover their Judaism
              engaging over 22,000 members and guests in a          on their own terms. Our first edition of J Life will
              relational environment designed to create a lifestyle   showcase the many ways in which the JCC supports
              of fulfilment. The success of the SRC was a significant   our community’s personal journeys of growth and
              driver in the program design for the enhanced         discovery. We encourage you to be a part of this
              Prosserman JCC which will open in 2020. Our diverse   conversation and to join us at this exciting time as we
              program repertoire at both JCCs offers educational,   build our future together. Our investment is in YOU,
              recreational, cultural, camping and social            and we are committed to inspiring you to live the life
              opportunities that strengthen individuals and families   that you want to live.
              by connecting people to their passions, their
              identities and community.                             Our JCC communities spark curiosity, inspire
                                                                    creativity, promote wellness, cultivate connection and
              The key ingredient in our formula is YOU. Your        strengthen our bonds as we gather for celebration
              feedback, collected through surveys and through       and commemoration. There is no better time to work
              informal conversation, has demonstrated that in our   for, become a member of, or visit one of our JCCs. We
              technological world, the cultivation of community and   invite you and your family to visit us for a tour, browse
              connection amongst people is more important now       our website to learn more about our ever-evolving
              than ever. Moreover, to build the kind of future that we   menu of opportunities, and to join our JCC family in
              aspire to for our children we lean on our Jewish values,   building a relevant, engaging and accessible hub of
              culture and tradition. We have learned that we cannot   community life that will thrive for generations to come.
              define what Jewish life means to each individual

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