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                           TO THE SCHWARTZ/REISMAN CENTRE

                                                                               As a J. Ambassador at the Welcome Desk,
                                                                               I am the first point of contact for everyone that
                                                                               walks in and out of the building. The people,
                                                                               passion, network and culture are why I love to
                                                                               work at the J.

                                                                               The encompassing atmosphere is warm and
                                                                               welcoming, surrounded by state-of-the-
                                                                               art facilities. I get to be involved in almost
                                                                               everyone’s journey at the J. From visitors, to
                                                                               members, young campers, and those that
                                                                               seek support through an online chat,  I get to
                                                                               direct and inspire individual participation and
                                                                               involvement while promoting the growth of
                                                                               the centre. When I am asked to recommend a
                                                                               program, it’s hard to narrow it down from all
                                                                               the countless options - there is something
                                                                               for everyone!

                                                                               The holidays are my favourite time at the
                                                                               centre, with so much “frailach” and excitement-
                                                                               especially from the Schwartz/Reisman Centre
                                                                               Daycare. I can’t help but smile, as I receive their
                                                                               annual “royal wave” around the welcome desk,
                                                                               while they scream my name!

                                                                               The friends that I’ve made and funny stories
                                                                               that have been shared are the moments that
                                                                               have been the most touching. I love when
                                                                               members keep me in the know and tell me
               BLUMA BECK                                                      about their personal simchas or the latest on
                                                                               their vacation plans? Who needs subscriptions
                                                                               to magazines or cookbooks, when I get
                 SERVICE TO                                                    trending diets and recipes directly from our
                 COMMUNITY AWARDS                                              members? Who needs a grocery store, when
                                                                               members bring me fresh tomatoes right from
                 Bluma Beck is a recipient of last year’s service to Community   their own gardens?
                 Award for her role as a J. Ambassador in the Membership
                 and Guest Services Department at the Schwartz/Reisman         As a J. Ambassador, I am part of a bigger
                 Centre. Bluma radiates hospitality and warmth to everyone     family. Over the years, I’ve been able to watch a
                 who crosses her path and greets everyone with a smile. She is   community form and develop while remaining
                 knowledgeable, reliable, and goes above and beyond in her role   true to a vision of innovation and inclusivity.
                 to provide truly exemplary customer service to our members.   Every day at the SRC is filled with opportunities
                 She is a living embodiment of the J core principle of “hachnasat   and new faces!  I welcome you to the
                 orchim.” Bluma, we thank you for your exceptional work.       Schwartz/Reisman Centre and I look forward
                                                                               to meeting you!

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