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maternity leave (you can’t always plan to get pregnant at
                                                                        the same time as your best friends!).

                                                                        The plan worked. We met a great group of people,  four
                                                                        of whom I spent every Wednesday with for the next six
                                                                        months as we embarked on the wild adventures of
                                                                        first-time parenthood.

                                                                        The JCC is filled with these stories of connection. They
                                                                        include children, seniors, immigrants, Toronto natives,
                                                                        people with disabilities, people with special talents,
                                                                        people in need and people willing to give.

                                                                        I have yet to find a commodity that generates this type
                                                                        of storytelling and lifelong connections – “let me tell you
                                                                        about the time years ago when I got my new iPhone”.

                                                                        But, connections can be made in lots of places. Why
                                                                        connect at the JCC?

                 WHY THE JCC?                                           The answer is because the JCC is like a VIP card to the
                                                                        front of a line.
                 WENDY KAUFFMAN
                                                                        When you meet someone at an outside gym, club,
                                                                        or class you are starting at zero. You start with the
                                                                        superficial and, over time, you let people in and that is
                                                                        when the real relationship starts.
              I’ve recently embarked on a quest to find the best
              words to describe why someone should come to              When you meet someone at the JCC, there is a higher
              the JCC.                                                  likelihood of a shared history – you may both follow the
                                                                        news about Israel, went to overnight camp, have families
              Why should they do art, sports or fitness here versus     that came from eastern Europe or are planning for the
              somewhere else? If it is because of the state-of-the-art   holidays.
              facility, or because the staff is excellent, then the value
              of the JCC is as a commodity.                             There is a familiarity - an advanced level of understanding
                                                                        of one another – that comes from no other reason than a
                                                                        shared history and culture. It’s comfortable, familiar and
              Commodities, however, are easily replaced with new        less formal. And, it’s a jump start to the foundation upon
              trends and next generations. They don’t last 57 years,    which a real relationship can be built.
              as the case for the JCCs in the Greater Toronto Area.
                                                                        The JCC programs and services allow people to connect
              MY THEORY                                                 harnessing the power of our shared experience and
                                                                        ensures that it will be preserved for generations to come.
              People use the JCC as a destination to build personal
              connections now and for generations to come.
                                                                        Choose what motivates you, what fits your schedule or
                                                                        something you never tried before. The intangible benefit
              Sixteen years ago, I found myself (happily) pregnant and   is all the same – the ability to connect to someone else
              in search of a prenatal class. There was one offered at   and stay connected to something bigger and forever
              Mount Sinai downtown. Another was offered at the JCC      bonding.
              with a teacher that happened to also be from Mount
              Sinai. Both would be equally convenient geographically.
              The choice, however, was to go JCC because there was a    Wendy Kauffman is a PR specialist working with
              higher potential to make new friends at the same stage    the Prosserman JCC and Schwartz/Reisman Centre
              of life and I could find people to spend time with during   marketing departments.

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